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Comment: please add Central America & the Caribbean

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please add Central America & the Caribbean

June 29 2009 - US was involved in the military coup in Honduras which removed the elected President Zelaya by an American plane to Costa Rica, in pajamas and in the middle of night.

Mind you, it was 2009 - Obama Administration (Clintons lawyers). The unlawful President Lobo is now in charge, letting the USA build several new military bases in the country to expand the War On Drugs.

There are also projects for Charter Cities in the indigenous lands.

"Little known massacre by US DEA in Honduras
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It happened in May this year.

Please share these news. Everybody knows about Syria. But this war in Honduras has been almost totally clandestine, now for 3 years, while the principles outlined by Ron Paul's legislature above also apply! And Honduras is much closer to home. Remember the Contras?

Ron Paul ... forever.