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Medical science does not look

Medical science does not look stagnant to me. AIDS used to kill its victims in a few years. While there is still no cure, there are now drug therapies that allow a person with AIDS to live a reasonably normal life for decades. I would call that progress. It is childish to insist that scientists be able to come up with a cure for some tricky disease in a timely fashion just because you want them to. Some problems are just hard. Complaining about medical scientists because they haven't cured most cancers is like calling mathematicians useless because they still haven't proven the Riemann Hypothesis.

As for climate change, there is general agreement among the majority of scientists who study the problem that the earth is indeed getting warmer. That's why ice sheets are breaking up in the Antarctic. Climate is a very complex system so it shouldn't surprise anyone that there are still some uncertainties about the causes of the warming and the relative importance of the various causes.