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I like Ben Swann but....

This is more complicated that Ben Swann's report and some of what he reported as fact is very debatable. His reference to the Utah delegate was incorrect, as it was McCain who they were attempting to bind the delegates to, not Romney. Romney had suspended his campaign and even though Romney had won Utah by a landslide anyways, the state GOP was forcing delegates to vote for McCain, which is unlawful.

This information doesn't hurt, it helps. Let's not be so gullible that we view the elephant's tailpipe and think that's the whole elephant. The OP is giving a history lesson for delegates.

By the way, if you want to vote down what I have to say, then fine. Act like a child that only wants to hear the candy talk if you must. The Ron Paul delegates are being prepared with truth, while the arm chair quarterbacks are starting to behave like the MSM sheeple.