Comment: Wow, Richard leaves a comment under Doug's saying that

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Wow, Richard leaves a comment under Doug's saying that

he never said that he was in contact with the campaign, despite what they quoted him as saying? So it was just a journalist's error?
That's nice, too bad he's lying. He said the same thing here a month ago, before he became the Lawyer part of the ‘Lawyers for Ron Paul’, and before anybody was talking about a lawsuit, does anyone remember?
It would otherwise be easy to dismiss this allegation, as one cannot locate this comment on the DailyPaul any longer, owing to the fact that Richard's May 27th ‘Federal Case To Seat All Ron Paul Delegates -- Heres the info’ thread (the very first mention of a lawsuit) was 86'd by the MODS after one week.
But, here's a quick hack using Google, that will let you see the comment anyway.

Submitted by Patriot Press_U… on Fri, 06/01/2012
What these trolls fail to undserstand (sic) is that this case is already National, backed by national RP organizations with the blessing of Doug Wead.