Comment: Do 767's fly at 550MPH at Ground Level?

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Do 767's fly at 550MPH at Ground Level?

You can't debunk Nassim Haramein any more than you can debunk Nikola Tesla.

I bet you buy the story that Hitler took psyanide and burned his body to dust. Please post here the evidence that Hitler was killed by suicide! Physical Evidence.

Do you buy other Official Stories such as the idea the 767's fly at 550MPH at Ground Level? The maximum flying speed of a 767 at 30,000ft, with 1/3-1/6 the air resistance is 480MPH. 550MPH at Ground Level witn 6X the air resistance is Physically Impossible.

Do buy the idea the Aluminum Planes penetrate through Steel Buildings and that Jet Fuel turns entire buildings, 600 miles of structural steel, 2M sq/ft of concrete, 3,000 toilets, 10,000 filing cabinets and all other contents to nano-dust in 8-10 seconds, before even hitting the ground?