Comment: Let's remind V.P. Biden what he said about impeachment

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Let's remind V.P. Biden what he said about impeachment

Nice reminder of what Biden said, but you need to change the title from "Obama" to "president." You'll still make your point but without misrepresenting this post to Daily Paul readers. We don't take kindly to being duped! Having said that...

This was a great find! Everyone needs to be reminded of what our Vice President said when he was a member of Congress. And Biden notes here that he's TAUGHT "Separation of Powers and Constitutional law." That is, as an expert on the subject, he's AWARE that a president has "no Constitutional authority to take this nation to war... unless we're attacked or there is proof that we are about to be attacked." At the time, he said he would move to impeach the president if he did this. He needs to be directly asked if he would support impeachment if the president were a Democrat instead of Republican.

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