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Thanks for your reply JeffD

I too have always loved the words spoken by Jesus and started at a very young age studying all Jesus said. In Luke 6 he seems to be advising us to avoid worldly desires for riches and to do unto others as we would want done to us.

He is cautioning against letting the ego with all its false passions, anger, hate, lust for power and possessions rule us. Rather he is asking us to live by the things of the spirit; love, compassion, empathy for others.

The things of the world are the the ego desires, and that which is of the spirit is love. The ego draws us more into the darkness of the world. Spirit draws us into the light, to love one another, to be kind, understanding of the flaws in others and ourselves, to be forgiving of the errors in others still trapped in their ego.

These are the words we are to heed from Jesus. The things of the spirit are of God, and the things of the world are ego desires, a trap we all have to eventually fight our way out of. We are here to learn to go beyond being mesmerized by the things of the world and to live by the spirit of love that emanates from God.