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I have gotten this down pretty well.

Learned how to use arrowroot for thickening instead of corn starch. Love using coconut oil, and olive oil. We quit regular butter, and went to organic recently. If a product doesn't say cane sugar, it is most likely beet sugar. I buy raw milk, grass fed locally, for cheap as it is black market, being not legal in my state. And we eat tons of eggs, home grown free range eggs, fertile of course. (really noisy rooster)We are fortunate to have a friend who is a hunting guide, free meat, not fed on gmo corn and soy. We are fortunate that gmo alfalfa isn't here yet, as even the deer, etc would be gmo. Unfortunately, though locally here gmo sugar beets are grown. I don't have to spend much time in our local grocery store. I don't even know what is in most aisles, as I know I don't need to go down them.