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there isn't a single 'debunking' evidence provided

by the blogger.

his sole premise is his personal aversion to the notion that something older than us in a non-traditional nonlinear view of human history may have had an influence on human history.

um, all one has to know are ginormous satellite viewable structures built to perfect true N, E, W, S (actual origin of the word 'news'), with mathematical precision, with number of steps recognizing the days of the year, and other numerical exposition of their knowledge in an era by modern account in which the ancients didn't have the technology to build such things.

there is a chamber within the Giza where the surface is perfectly cut laser perfect and flat out of a stone in which no tool then, nor tool now that can do so with such perfection and precision.

so the question remains, WHO exactly built them. and why is there a global culture of sky worshippers, who built monuments reflecting a same mathematical understanding, all more or less in a pyramidal paradigm, especially when as current historians and archaeologists who assume that none of them were in discussions with, and according their hypothesis (unproven thesis) that none of those pyramid builders supposedly were able cross the ocean to share the know-how?

unless the blogger can sufficiently answer that, he's just one more in a long line of critics and supposed 'scientists' laughing at others that do legitimately question as 'cargo cultists,' without knowing they too are one.

anyone who assumes modern scientists who often are almost always no more a politician than McCain and/or foundation grant-whores, actually are concerned about seeking the truth, may as well believe Paul Krugman actually knows about economics.

plus, even at a minute level, if the blog's proprietor deluding someone telling him to 'eat sh&t & drop dead' and run an entire separate page called "who wants me dead" as if to assume that someone is actively out to 'get' him, pretty much tells the rest of the world of the level of deduction skills he's apparently not employing.

that, proves to me more than anything whether the person is even qualified to run a website 'debunking' anything, or not. hey, if title of something actually meant what it advertises, then Patriot Act actually would be 'patriotic.'

apparently, idiocy is not the sole domain of govt terrorists, but also some web blog owners as well. surprise, surprise.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul