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Do you work for one of the

Do you work for one of the oil companies?

One thing we agree on is solar is not economical. What we don't agree on is why it is so expensive. Big Oil has done everything they can to keep it that way. As I mentioned a friend of mine owns a thriving solar business. He schooled me a few years back on big oil and solar. He is pretty clever and managed to work around them. I didn't retain the particulars but, the bottom line working in the system that big oil created increases the cost greatly. Without a doubt big oil is doing everything they can to slow solar by keeping it very expensive.

I would venture to say that you also would advise big oil doesn't fix oil prices? The price magically goes down every 4 years for elections. Reality is big oil would be pretty dumb not to protect themselves from competition. I would not blame them.... The problem I have is when they use the government for that protection.