Comment: There is another reason

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There is another reason

Getting word out to the grassroots that the only way we will be able to change things is by getting involved and taking over. Do we really think Ron did not know just how corrupt these people are?

Now we know. We have now seen first hand how far they will go, even if it means cheating and stealing the primaries, making up rules to disqualify the delegates, breaking bones, and arresting people. I mean they were not even trying to hide it.

Were we all so naive that we thought we were going to fix this lawless mess with one presidential campaign.

You know what really bothers me more than anything? Its ike they are laughing at us and flipping us the bird. Look how much power we have and you can't do a dam thing about it because we control the process!

I mean where do you go to address this mauch corruption inthe election process, hell the courts are corrupt too, especially in Massachusetts.