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Even though

RP was "upfront" about the delegate strategy, the media STILL continues with the "Ron Paul supporters are undermining the process" BS.

I have been laid up in the hospital for the last month and have been watching a little more TV than I should. (I was enjoying the self imposed blackout of them, since they blacked out RP)

It's amazing how they just continue to roll on with their agenda, like nothing ever happened. It also makes me curious as to how they will spin it, no matter WHAT kind of fight we put up in Tampa.

I can't help but wish that if there is a collapse and an Egyptian style revolt, that the media buildings around the country will be surrounded, and these rats will be smoked out of their holes and chased down the street.

I literally feel a noticeable change in my mental health by refusing to watch the corrupt MSM circus.

On a lighter note, I have discovered at least 5 nurses that I have worked with, who LOVE RP. Sometimes they'll see the DP (or my RP moneybomb ticker background)on my laptop screen, and ask about him.

It usually turns into a long discussion where they have to get back to work, but want to stay and talk RP and the future. It's somewhat encouraging.