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When are you going to concede

When are you going to concede that you're wrong? You stated that you can't buy a solar panel that doesn't come in a Mobil box. You have given no explanation of why a solar panel from Schott, Sanyo Electric, or Kyocera would come in a Mobil box. You apparently let your friend in a failing solar power business do your thinking for you.

There is a good reason why solar power is expensive. Sunlight is very dispersed. While the aggregate power from sunlight on the entire country is huge, the amount hitting any square meter is very modest. Furthermore a solar panel can only convert about 15% of the solar energy that reaches it to electricity. This is not an oil company conspiracy, it is due to physics. Other factors: In high latitudes you don't get full sun for much of the year. In a place like New Hampshire the winter sun stays low in the sky and is above the horizon for only about 9 hours. You have to greatly increase the amount of solar panels if you actually want electricity in the winter. Of course you generate no power when it rains or is overcast or at night. So you need enough panels to generate far more power than your home uses while the sun is shining, and a way to store the electricity. The batteries can cost as much as the solar panels. The high cost of the batteries is not an oil company conspiracy either. If you can make reliable and cheaper batteries please do the world a favor and start a business making them. Solar panels lose about 8% of their efficiency over the first decade, and another 5% each following decade. So after about 30 years you have to replace the solar panels. Well before then you'll have to lug those big heavy batteries off to the recycler and buy new ones. The bottom line: Unless you attach a very high premium to being able to get off the grid, solar power doesn't make economic sense in most parts of the country. This is not because in some mysterious way oil companies made them expensive (just how is Mobil keeping Kyocera's solar panels expensive?). It is because of the basic physics.

Oh yes, you exhibit the typical mind of the conspiracy theorist. If I don't believe that evil oil companies are suppressing solar power then I must work for the oil companies! If I don't think that Bush plotted 9/11 then I must be a PNAC member!