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my thoughts on this subject

I guess you haven't had time to sift through the endless amount of cointelpro and gatekeeper "9/11 Truth" disinfo that has recently taken over the internet.

There is an "official non-offical" version of the 9/11 truth now you have to adhere to to be allowed to wear the black infowars gear. That version is remote controlled airplanes were used with nanothermite.

No plane theory is not allowed- talk of any other incendiary is not allowed. How no plane theory cannot be discussed, even though the laws of aerodynamics prove a Boeing can't fly as fast as we were told (it's very simple) makes you wonder why we have people like Alex Jones leading the "truth movement". Why doesn't Alex want to talk about what John Lear has to say on the subject?

I guess, it ultimately comes down to another "layer of trust"- the television. Some people still want to believe what they see on T.V. and we were shown images of an airplane flying too fast and slamming into the towers.. So, for no plane theory to be correct, that would implicate the media as well. The media hasn't lied to use before, have they?

The scary conclusion to draw from the no-plane conclusion is that we are more screwed than we thought we were previously (the media is completely controlled) and we were all shown fake images of airplanes hitting the towers in the biggest mind-f in American history (very easy to do these days). Watch John Lear's interview talking about how no planes were used on 9/11.

The conclusions I have drawn from 5 years of research on the subject now:

-Our media is involved
-British media and most global media is involved (Building 7 early)
-Criminals within our government at the highest levels are involved.
-Criminals within the Israeli (Mossad had agents filming), Pakistani ISI, British MI6 (and most likely many more international intelligence agencies are involved).
-The main stream "9/11 truth movement" is a controlled opposition group.

Russia and Iran appear to be the only two "dissenting" voices challenging the official narrative (now that Libya has been "neutralized"). I don't know whether Russia is also involved in a global "screw the peasants the elite are all together" move, or whether they actually are afraid they might be getting played. Russia also has a history of bombing its own people, so who knows.

The controlled 9/11 Truth movement is meant to become more violent and is meant to alienate those joining local "truth groups" with cointelpro agents (people wearing bike helmets indoors kind of stuff). That way- they screw up the group dynamic and make people start questioning themselves and their associations.

It's all a very advanced operation, and it's not over yet by any means (internet censorship has gone into 4th gear)- but nothing putting up posters all over your town saying "9/11 was an inside job" can't handle. If we all do this, it will be better in the long run. We just need trials, and justice.

Once people realize how many other people know, we won't be like dumb driven cattle anymore, and I think we'll give Iceland a run for their money.