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Not a wise idea

at all. They are both from the nwo crowd. Propped up to take your rights and wealth away. Making you a slave forever. Both have sold their soles to the establishment. They probably have been told your immediate family will be safe and live above all the slaves. Neither gives a hoot about you. Obama will move the socialist agenda faster than Romney. Romney will have more wars and the expansion of the military. The economy will decline under both. Bankers will reap the rewards under both. While more of our rights will be taken away. Yes it does look like it would be only four years under Obama.. But you also forgetting their is the next in line waiting. Hillary Clinton... for some odd reason people out there like this "B".. That is the one I see in the next four yrs to contend with... She does have the credentials, lawyer, wife of a governor, wife of a president, senator, secretary of state. Her husband was very popular.. she will be too... so don't vote for one or the other... keep your mind set on liberty!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"