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Comment: Well, if they labeld the grass.....

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Well, if they labeld the grass.....

This wouldn't be happening ;)


I never thought I'd say this here but, I've been saying the problems of GMO and labeling issues on other threads here over and over again. Only to continually get slammed. Well I TOLD YOU SLAMMERS so and this video backs me up.

I'm sooooo, sick of the endless debating this issue. I mean bee colony collapse, DNA restructuring, "hard kill, soft kill". Ohhhh, all of that will be solved with a label....

When things get political the DEBATE GOES ON FOREVER and in the mean while Monsatan is out sowing his oats.

Funny that no one ever mentions what GMOs do to our foreign, economic and trade relations with other countries THAT HAVE BANNED THEM!

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