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You’re absolutely correct but we all have to admit he’s gotten a little soft in his old age notably due to the fact he has something to lose NOW. This is why the Neo-Cons continued to bring up Rand’s future during the campaign to neuter Ron Paul. He's still RON PAUL but there’s something missing as if he’s holding himself back. Like they say everyman has a weakness and they have exploited Ron Paul’s. This is not a knock against Ron because I support the rEVOLution I have worked to make great strides for the movement in my county. I’m a committeeman, we installed a Ron Paul councilman in my city, started up a Young Republican Party in my county now 300+ strong, we have 25+ businesses accepting gold a means of exchange and etcetera but we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to have open and straight forward dialogue if we are to be truly FREE. We have to admit around half way through the campaign Ron Paul lost a part of himself. That unrelenting FIRE that would push forward for the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM regardless of the outcome or the consequences. I just turned 24 so I can’t speak on what it means to be a FATHER but I do understand what it means to truly love someone dear to you even though internally yo may question their actions.

Blood sometimes blinds and how you would deal with someone you have blood relation with is different them how you would deal with conflict that you might have with a distant associate. I still believe Ron hasn’t quite and will continue to fight but we all have to understand he is a man with a son that has big aspirations and doesn’t want to do anything that might impede that. This is why we all as individuals have to stand up, pick up the slack and continue to push forward regardless of what happens, who falls down, what mistakes some might make as long as we push forward with a unrelenting FIRE regardless of the consequences because once you look back once you try to protect ground the Neo-Cons and Liberals will have won by holding us bay. I know some like Ron may have liabilities and will incrementally lose sight of true FREEDOM, become complacent and slightly protectionist as you have seen on DP with the excesses made for Rand’s endorsement, individuals becoming collectivist shunning individuals promoting Gary Johnson as if DP is a plantation of solely collectivist thought. Remember FREEDOM is POPULAR and people may not use their FREEDOM in a constructive way but it’s OKAY because that is our goal to FREE individuals from the collective not try to draw them in to our own. DP is not and should not be a good old boys club. We may not agree with others assertions on DP but to demonize another individual for disagreeing with you is counterproductive. DP has to be OPEN to different prospectives as it relates to the fight for FREEDOM it is the only way it will survive after the election. Admins attempting to control the narrative with sticky front page post and squelching of all descent will lead to individuals leaving and starting up their own FREEDOM forums. We will fracture if we are not OPEN to dialogue and accepting of others point of view. I myself was going to leave DP after the way DP Admins conducted themselves as if they were serfs.

We are not a Collective, We are not Protectionist, We are rEVOLution!

Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy

Don’t Follow and don’t Conform on your Principles

I’m a Ron Paul Republican and I will abide by the Constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW and I hope you will to.

Hold the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in HAND