Comment: Update: the Indiegogo experiment

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Update: the Indiegogo experiment

In an effort to push this project along, I began an Indiegogo campaign yesterday. The deadline is 7/11 and this one's fixed funding...if it fails all pledges go back to the donors and I'm left at the point I'm at today with 1/3 of the needed funds in hand.

BUT...if it succeeds, I should be able to get my Honda modified in time to make Tampa in August, so for me it's worth a roll of the dice. (like the '7/11' tie in? Wasn't my idea, truthfully!)

I have one perk now for donors at the $25 level, a copy of 'What's Going On,' in high quality MP3 format, as performed by my good friend and fellow liberty activist Dan Hagen. If you like jazz and haven't heard his musical skill yet you're cheating yourself...look up The Dan Hagen Project on YouTube and hear for yourself!

The big perk is not from the campaign though, it's from ME: for this campaign only, whoever brings in enough donations with an awareness project (like someone with a high profile YouTube presence) or the largest single donation that meets the goal of $21,000 will become my heir in my will, inheriting my good brick home, the 1/2 acre of property it's built on, and my personal possessions, including my firearms (so long as you're legally qualified to own them), my collection of art I've accrued, and my vintage and modern reproduction tinplate toy collection.

This matching offer is only good for the duration of this campaign and will not be repeated. The only conditions are

1) if I should predecease my 75 year old mom, she remains sole occupant and the executor of my will until such time as she leaves us and

2)If someone gets the clever idea of 'disposing' of me or my mom to get the house early, there will be a codicil that if the winner's involved in any foul play surrounding my demise, they lose the inheritance and my home and property will go to someone of my own choosing.

That's it. have a look and check out my campaign to restore my personal liberty, rescue my life from the limbo the welfare/warfare state left it in, and hopefully be able to get to Tampa to cover the freedom movement's events surrounding the RNC. Don't forget to have a look at the 'Gallery' link up top, plenty of videos and pics supporting this endeavor to bee seen.

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