Comment: This could also be taken as validating Dr. Paul's position.

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This could also be taken as validating Dr. Paul's position.

He was saying that when the US gets involved in countries like Libya and Syria the result is many civilian deaths. In the case of Libya it is 100,000 and the total in Iraq and Afghanistan is now over one million.

Anyone who was listening carefully to what Dr. Paul was saying could see the pictures as illustrating the truth that these casualties were the result of US interference in the affairs of other nations.

I agree that the other view you are stating is valid since there has already been a great deal of propaganda about the deaths of children in Syria at he hands of the Assad regime.

These reports were all lies since it was elements of the Free Syrian Army who were responsible but even then they would not have done this unless they were being controlled by the US and NATO intelligence services who use these methods extensively as provocations to create conflict.

Dr. Paul was making these points but whether the audience would have made the connections with the video of wounded children is questionable.

BTW I recognised the pictures of wounded children. They were from Libya and were the result of NATO bombing and rebel shelling.

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