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Idaho State Convention: Republican Party Platform

While it is not entirely clear, the three linked news reports, when taken together, give the impression that the approved Idaho GOP Platform includes planks supporting sound money, adoption, and a repeal of the 17th Amendment. Each report covers a different day in the State Convention proceedings...


Still, Thursday’s discussion provided debate on hot topics, including eliminating support for “sound currency,” which supports backing up all U.S. currency with gold or silver. After a long debate, the committee voted to keep the plank.


Among the proposed platform discussions:

• Putting a greater emphasis on adoption in the plank on the party’s opposition to abortion. “Our feeling was ... that the best argument against abortion is the argument for adoption,” said delegate Brad Christensen.

• Keeping the sound money plank, which supports backing up U.S. currency with gold or silver, and support for the repeal of the 17th Amendment, which allows citizens to elect their U.S. senators instead of leaving the decision to the state senate.


There were no major changes to the party’s platform, but the Platform Committee did streamline some of the planks and cut out repetitions.

Thank you, Idaho Liberty delegates and alternates, for these Platform gains! Onward and Upward!

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