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AIDS was CREATED by the CIA in the 1960s for their POPULATION CONTROL agenda!!!!!!!!!

Doctors are REPTILIAN slaves of their Pharmaceutical overlords from ARCTURUS!!


I was going through your posts on this thread and they are very educated.

Cancers are a number of diseases with common symptoms so naturally there are different methods of combating each with varying degrees of success.

On climate change I'm ambivalent over:-

1)Is it natural or man-made.
2)Is it good or bad for mankind.
3)Whether it makes economic sense to combat it.

I do not buy the argument that it is an Al Gore conspiracy.

As for free energy, there is a thing called zero-point energy which has been scientifically demonstrated( You might know it as vacuum energy )but it is very minute to be used.

I am putting my hopes on fusion, whether in the form of sunlight or new technology here on earth.

My parents recently made a house which uses solar panels for heating water and lighting. As the technology becomes more efficient I believe private users will get more and more of their household requirements from the sun. This will be fantastic for the more libertarian minded :)