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Well actually I can...

That claim is just ridicoulous and I know there is nothing to back it up but loose alegations and flawed logic. I'm also familiar with zionism and I reject it forcefully like all collectivist ideas. But they rather want to advance the cause of Israel than hurt anyone, they don't care if anyone is hurt as long as it's good for Israel but hurting is not part of their goal.
I don't want to be condescending here but you should really study statistics, it's so very easy to get lost in numbers, politicians do it all the time you know. They love statistical regression. But speaking of jews, jews are also overrepresented as nobel laureates, bankers, researchers, politicians, the communist movement, the liberty movement and a lot of other things. Some say it has to to with culture, that in Europe it was illegal for jews to hold many "manual labor" positions for hundreds of years and that therefore it is imbedded in the jewish culture to seek out "intellectual" professions. Others say that jews, specifically eastern european jews (ashkenazi jews) have significantly higher IQ than the average. I'm, an ashkenazi jew so I'd like to believe this but I find the argument rather silly and based in a wrongful understanding of statistics.

The idea that "jews" are causing a problem is a collectivist idea and it should be rejected just like zionism, if you can't see that I suggest you consult the doctor.