Comment: You are well informed about the bio-chemical aspects, BUT...

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You are well informed about the bio-chemical aspects, BUT...

... you don't seem to know what a free market is.

What you are very correctly objecting to is the result of many decades of manipulation of the agricultural markets by the USDA, the FDA, the EPA, etc. We do not have a free market. Period.

Monsanto does not want a free market, they want one that regulates for the purpose of eliminating competition to Monsanto. Why would they favor Monsanto? Because Monsanto has proven itself most willing to carry out the agendas of the evil elite. That is not a free market, it is somewhere between mercantilism and fascism.

In a free market, NO ONE could do what Monsanto has done and be protected for it. Here the FDA, USDA, EPA all protect Monsanto so it can do the evil of the elites.

In a free market, the producer serves the customer, not a bureaucrat, because in a free market there are no bureaucracies. In our regulated market, the elites are being served. The customer does not know what he is buying because fraudulent producers (typically in league with the elites) are protected from having to disclose what they put into their "stuff".

In a free market, a producer who cheats or poisons his customers or simply falls short of satisfying them, loses customers, and faces legal sanction. In our regulated market, a producer who works with the elites and who screws his customers is protected and rewarded.

We do not have a free market. The solution is to free the market, eliminate all unconstitutional agencies and bureaucracies - and don't forget to eliminate source of funding for the elites - END THE FED.