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Comment: Rule of Law

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Rule of Law

Which law was broken? It's not good enough to just accuse the GOP. Even the GOP is innocent until proven guilty.

Quite honestly, if they did commit fraud, I'd want to know who against. They can't commit fraud against the "public". The "public" is no more frauded by a GOP cheater than they are if the Libertarian party cheated.

I could agree that possibly the GOP members have been defrauded.

Plus, the bulk of your argument is made on the importance of the nomination. Importance doesn't change anything. If they can cheat for mayor of Nowheresville, they can cheat on president.

They're only cheating their own rules. If you set a rule for yourself, and then don't follow it, have you frauded anyone?

If I agree with your point or not is moot.... my point is that you've made a weak case and need to improve it if you're really serious.

The Revolution is not based on weak cases.