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Kate's Paper

Hi Kate, :)

Very nice! Excellent writing and research! The A+ is well-deserved. :)

Thought you'd be at least 16 or 17 years old. Who taught you to write so well?

I think you should submit this to your local paper for publishing. They do that in the opinions section if you include your name and city. How thrilling it will be for you and your family to see it there. Then you snip-it out for safe-keeping, make photocopies, and have your parents call all your aunts and uncles to rave about it and see it. Tell your friends and teachers. And continue on with your talent.

[For safety reasons, it may be best not to mention your age or grade, etc.]

Thank you for sharing and to your proud parent(s)for posting. You may be responsible for the awakening of many to Ron Paul and saving the U.S..

Congratulations on a fine job and to your parents for a fine Kate! :)