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Comment: Ron Paul TROLLS crash the GOP and then blame the GOP.

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Ron Paul TROLLS crash the GOP and then blame the GOP.

Ron Paul explained, that to win, he needs us to become delegates, and to do that, the way it has been ESTABLISHED, is one attends central committee meetings. Even better, one gets a seat on a central committee. But it seems that because there are empty seats, delegate positions were open, and so people who never went to a committee meeting, showed up at a convention and basically, did as little as possible to become a delegate.

They don't know they rules, they don't know the by-laws, they frankly, don't care, because the only reason they are Republicans is for Ron Paul, like me, except, I got a seat on a central committee, and I know the by-laws, and I am now, the ESTABLISHMENT.

Where oh where are my Ron Paul Republican rEVOLutionairies? Why aren't they here with me? Here is a GOLDEN opportunity being lost.

I see people here telling other people here, "Oh Mr. 2 Hrs TROLL!", Hey Newbie", "Get Lost Mr Two Weeks and one day!"

Maybe the GOP ESTABLISHMENT, those who attend those GOP central committee meetings, feel the same way about Ron Paul 3 month old Republicans who never went to a central committee meeting to save their city from a NWO?

Golden Rule, Karma, whatever you want to call it, busting down the GOP doors, calling them names, because of what YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU, YOU who are so ALL very important and special, and YOU don't need to go to central committee meetings, because YOU don't need to do anything but show up for two seconds and take a seat in a political party YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

So where do WE, central committees, L4RP, and YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU go from here? My guess is NWO, because as brilliant and wonderful and awesome as YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU are, you don't have plan B (oh that's right, you're going to write-in Ron Paul, or vote for GJ, because YOU didn't exactly do Plan A (which was get on a central committee), and instead of being RESPONSIBLE for more than 3 months and two weeks, TROLLING the GOP, you crashed the party and BLAMED them.

When I say YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU, I'm not pointing to Chris, because Chris here has gone further than most here, and has been respectful, and I feel his pain. I feel all the delegates pain, but I also feel the pain of the people who may be wrong to YOU, but are really good people who care. Sure there's some bad apples in the GOP. But there's allot of nice people too.

I wish we could have actually been more like Ron Paul, who has attended many central committee meetings, met Republicans, followed the rules, was compassionate to everyone, even those that didn't exactly deserve it.

If a NWO is what we wanted, that's great, because the way we're going, that is exactly what we are going to get. Blame and flame away, because YOU are the one who failed, not Ron Paul, not Ron Paul's campaign, not those like me who joined the central committees and took time to get by-laws, read them and follow the rules. I think YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU only have yourselves to blame for TROLLING the GOP in the name of Ron Paul but not doing what Ron Paul did, RESPECT, visit the central committee, learn the rules, follow the by-laws of the party YOU joined.

They ban people on DP for doing what YOU did to the GOP but you shouldn't be banned from the GOP for being a Troll?