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The plan

What I heard was that the RNC holds all the cards and can basically do what they want, HOWEVER, you never know what could happen.
I think you'd be wrong to assume they don't have something awesome up their sleeve, but will they be allowed to play their cards? That's the real question.
I love Doug Wead. The best thing I took out of this is that Ron Paul is one of a kind and we all owe Ron Paul, but our allegiance should be to the Constitution and not one man.
My advise is to hope for the best and plan on the worst.
I also like what he said about Rand. He's been beat up by the DP and maybe deserved it, but there's stuff happening that we just don't know about. The question you should ask yourself is do you trust Ron Paul? If so, who am I to question. Ron Paul has earned all of our trust so let's believe in him.
Don't lose hope!