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And Bet He Does Rest in Peace

...with a five greats granddaughter like you...fighting the good fight and making certain it is a fight worth fighting.

Thank you for questioning along with me. I connected the same dots. I read all past posts of folks that confuse me. Usually tells the story once you get past the self-ingratiating ones perhaps meant to establish a following.

Good luck to you to Mary1 if you make the wise decision (like I am considering) to continue being exactly who you are with what you came into believing in longer visit a place that makes you sad like losing a close relative and wondering if you ever were really related....and, most importantly, a place that is no longer a wonderful, inviting library stocked fresh each day with information and commentaries like you never see elsewhere.

Thank you for sharing Ezekial, Minuteman. That was the kind of sharing the DP used to be all about...and we would marvel at our connectedness to history and all the things we believed in.

God Speed

Nena (known as Fonta)