Comment: Notice how Ron Paul ignores all this

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Notice how Ron Paul ignores all this

At first it was strange that RP ignored what was really going on.

Now it's obvious.

He says nothing about clear vote fraud captured on camera with witnesses and sworn affadavits, he says nothing about delegates having bones broken by police, he says and does absolutely nothing about his own delegates now being shut down.

People are being deceived.

RP is not what he seems.

The world does not work the way it appears.

People are being profoundly deceived about the true nature of this reality and what is really going on.

Cows and sheep live in sophisticated farms. Their entire lives, from cradle to grave, managed for the nourishment of their "betters". But nothing as sophisticated as Humans though. Human farming involves manipulation of human perception at every level. That's all this is. Just more human farming.

Time to wake up exponentially and see the reality for what it is.