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If the government ALREADY mandates...

...what food labels can and can't say (and in some cases what they must, such as in the matters of almonds and other natural things requiring disclaimers to state that they MAY help fight heart disease if making the claim, etc.), then why on earth can't we expect them to also disclaim that they contain genetically-modified organisms?

It's not giving the government any new power they don't already have, what we're seeing here is merely giving the producers an exemption on disclosing regarding THIS issue.

Right emotion being expressed by some here - but the wrong application. The government already has their hands in this pie, they're merely shielding producers of potentially-risky foods from having to disclose *this* fact. Granted, it might be spun and ineffective down the road, but when they already have to disclose (sadly incomplete) lists of their ingredients, nutrition facts, and so on - why can't I also expect them to disclose if they use GMOs?