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The release of delegates in Oklahoma (my state) will not win it for us. All of the Executive Committee slate will go Romney. The best thing that will help us is a successful challenge via the Complaints Committee, and contrary to what you hear that is NOT out of the question - we have a very strong challenge.

Please, whether you join this lawsuit or not (and I will not be doing so) FILE A CHALLENGE WITH THE COMPLAINTS COMMITTEE if you have rules violations to press. Be public, document it, and follow the letter of the law. Raise funds and go to Tampa. By all means, if you have violations of law within your state, pursue them. But don't neglect to stay within the party complaint process as a FIRST STEP.

On another note, it looks like Oregon might be one of the 5 now.

On yet another note, IF you accept that states can "bind" their delegates in their vote for the nominee, that does NOT mean they are bound for any other votes. Other votes would include putting someone into nomination - you can vote to nominate someone, but you might not be able to vote for them on the roll call.

Just my thoughts.