Comment: Had a little time on my hands and since the suspense was

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Had a little time on my hands and since the suspense was

killing me, I looked up some links to the Pork Act, aka, Farm Bill and its amendments. THERE COULD BE NO MORE EVIDENCE THAN THIS BILL THAT GOVT IS THE PROBLEM:
S.3240:"Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012"

Roll Call votes on S. 3240

Here are the Amendments voted on...those submitted by Republicans including, Rand Paul, Rubio, DeMint, M. Lee, Toomey, Thune and others, unfortunately, tho not surprisingly, if you read them, were rejected.

Snippet from AFP on S 3240:What’s worse, this whole package is masquerading through Congress under the guise of being a Farm Bill. But in 2011 almost 80% of the funding went to food stamps and other supplemental nutrition programs. With less than a quarter of the spending in this bill actually going to farm programs, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call this the Food Stamps Bill.

The bill also claims to end direct payments to crop producers but it puts in a whole new program called “shallow loss” where Congress guarantees big agribusinesses’ revenues will never fall below 90% of their average revenues over the last five years. If a crop has a bad year or if prices fall, Uncle Sam is there to make up the difference. It’s a guaranteed minimum income and it’s just as bad as direct payments.

So, Congress not only has bought into the so-called benefits of GMO crops, they're subsidizing Big Ag.

The below article talks all about the little farmers, organic and otherwise, and how GMO crops have ruined, contaminated, their crops. [and then they are sued for patent infringement!!!] IMO, it's more of an eye-opener than any double-blind test could ever be.

There's another article on Monsanto's strategic purchase of the largest Bee Research and Laboratory, if I can find it I'll update .

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