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Comment: Saudi Arabia the US BFF? No that's Israel

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Saudi Arabia the US BFF? No that's Israel

Israel is the US best friend forever. when was the last time a/every US president said Saudi Arabia is an eternal ally?

Three main reasons the US supports SA

1) oil, but this is not as high on the list as people believe. The US has plenty of oil rich countries they invaded, why pay for it from SA?

2) To hide the absurdity of a US/Israel relationship. Imagine if US did not support SA, people would obviously know Israel was Americas worst ally. But with SA in the picture, whenever Israel bombs gaza, like what happened on Saturday, the press can bring up a new Saudi beheading to hide Israel's crimes against humanity.

3) Iran hates Saudi Arabia. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Israel is nothing but pragmatic when it comes to war. They don't wage decade long, no objective wars. They are clear in their goals: annihilate anyone they say are terrorists.