Comment: Hello Oregon RP delegates!!!!!!!

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Hello Oregon RP delegates!!!!!!!

First, people need a statement of what actually happened, rather than this amazingly hodged podged litany that I see below. What happened delegates? Did they turn off the lights, did they kick you out into the parking lot, did they just leave, what really happened to the voting situation. For God's sakes, there needs to be an organized factual statement of what actually happened. Because if you guys can't even figure out what happened, then how are you going to get any type of justice in this situation? You and all RP supporters need an accurate record of events, including and most importantly the voting situation. You should absolutely know who got voted to what and if all alternatives or some alternatives were left out.

Second, you need the leadership you have to help to organize this and then look for legal remedies. NOW!

One person commented about calling the GOP for an explanation, while that's a nice thought if they were nice people, but they are not, so legal action is the only course of action that I see!