Comment: A Ron Paul Ad I'd Like to See

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A Ron Paul Ad I'd Like to See

Graphics and Voice Over Begins Ad: Think Ron Paul is good for America? Just listen to him over the years:

Graphics/VO: 1988 "...America shouldn't involve itself in the business of other nations ..." "We must get rid of Central Banking ..."

Graphics/VO: 1990 "... we need to let other nations deal with their own problems." "....sound money....'no' to the Fed."

G/VO: 1992: "the more we meddle in other countries' affairs, the more we put at risk the lives of young Americans..." " ..... gold..."

G/VO: 1998: well, you get the picture.

I'd love to see an ad like that, sarcastically pretending that he flip-flops while actually emphasizing his consistency over the decades.