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No, its about GMO producers getting around

years and years of private property case law that leads to full disclosure. Its about getting around case law on fraud and tort and misrepresentation, all by using the fed govt.

While reasonable people can disagree, what concerns me as a life long libertarian is getting down to the bottom of the private property issue. All our libertarian philosophy, ethical, political, economic all comes down to private property, fraud and tort. Years and decades and centuries of case law has built the case for private property.

Sellers must disclose what something IS. Hersheys sells Chocolate bars. I buy it and if it turns out its not chocolate, a fraud has been committed. If Gary Johnson farms sells "peaches" and it turns out these are not normal peaches, but peaches with human & fish DNA, this was not disclosed. These are not normal peaches. Monsanto wants to get around full disclosure. Rand Paul's vote helped them in this goal by getting big govt in the WAY.

From how i currently see the issue, unless convinced otherwise, it seems to me that GMO foods is getting a big exception to private property fraud law. "Let me sell my fake chocolate as Chocolate".... It tastes like chocolate, but its not. Fraud. It tastes like a normal peach, but its not. Standard product practice is to label what it IS, because if it is not what it is, you can be sued for fraud. And this practice causes honesty in the marketplace, a good thing. Private Property is respected. But if we allow products be sold legally as something it is not, or make an exception for one product, it shows disrepect for private property and allows confusion by allowing in fraud.

Finally, if any libertarian like myself here at DP has been paying attention to the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is NOT REAL PROPERTY threads, you would know that libertarians (most) do not think that CODES, FORMULAS, PLANS, DNA, RECIPIES etc are property. See those threads. See Jefferson's candle and the flame analogy to zero in on why something is and is not "property". So the govt again creates a Monopoly Grant system Patents and that system is granting "ownership" to genes essentially and these genes, now patented, are GMO foods.

These GMO foods are dangerous to non GMO foods. Genes migrate, spread, and seeds travel. Pleanty to be concerned with here as a libertarian who is concerned about respect for private property and sees polution as a private property transgression.

There is much to be concerned about. Most of all, we libertarians can agree to disagree without being disagreeable towards eachother. We all have freedom as our goal. Personal insults and smart remarks do not assist us all getting to the bottom of this issue. Name calling, punditry talk, deflecting onto other side issues, all may work with Sean Hanity and Randi Rhodes, but it has no place here among freedom lovers. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt that we all mean well, and do not ascribe other imaginary motives. Get to the heart of the private property issue. Start from there.

I for one see the issue as Monsanto using congress to get around private property product case law about fraud and tort. About their desire to NOT label what their product IS.

Your friend in liberty,

PS... If anyone is up on how the Tobbaco industry really understood that they were selling nicotine sticks, that they had the issue down to a real exact in when does the spike in nicotine in the brain give rise to the greatest addiction and at what will know these companies where acting evil. Still are I believe.

Now, lets say that adding certain genes to GMO foods causes a chain of events that cause you to crave GMO peaches, GMO tomatoes,...that is, they are intentionally causing a craving inside of you. Further if the company "owns" the corn you crave, the GMO foods that you cannot live without, where are you? Free? Notice that genes can "jump" and genes can "activate". Right now medical "gene therapy" is all about this. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, it is all about how we use the technology. And to use it wisely, we must intergrate it wisely into our legal system of private property rights which spell out fraud and tort. Rand's vote that GMO foods do not have to label what it is, goes against all other product laws on the books. Its big federal govt interference.

My point is that your right to know ahead of time what is GMO and what is not GMO is a right to take very seriously.

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