Comment: You leftist trolls just don't give up...

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You leftist trolls just don't give up...

Wow, do you even have lives?

Anyway, Freetoroam keeps saying "Monansto is so close to banning all labels!". However, I'm not sure what this has to do with the above bill/amendment. If you give the government more power over labeling that just means that it is easier for the government to ban it. Also any banning of labeling is clearly a violation of the first amendment.

Basically Freetoroam's argument is that two wrongs make a right.

Another problem is he doesn't understand regulatory capture, the above bill/amendment doesn't empower the states at all, it simply gave more regulatory power to the FDA. The FDA is obviously captured by Monsanto and other large corporations, so I'm not sure why he thinks the FDA is going to save him. They'll just have loopholes for Monsanto etc while the little guys will get screwed worse by the FDA.

Come on guys, we only need 6 more votes to drop this thread into negative territory, exactly where it should be on a libertarian site. The fact it has any positive votes shows we've been heavily infiltrated by leftist trolls, or either a large portion of the people on this site are really leftists who do not understand the most basic tenants of libertarian philosophy and need to educate themselves on regulatory capture.