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I agree with your sentiment.. but, what has changed in those seven weeks? anything at all? or was it just perception. Too many of us lost faith, in the world and in ourselves.. i wanted to inspire hope and the belief that this was REAL and ACHIEVEABLE with this whole post, instead it just sent people into a tailspin when they weren't told that "WE WIN" by doug wead, as if he could even come out and say that.. i suppose thats the problem with dreamers (myself included), soaring highs and equally powerful lows. HAHA i think we're just conditioned for disappointment and we don't know when to believe anymore. AND so while i wish the fifth column could be removed, i think what we need to do is strengthen our resolve, put on our RP-WARPAINT, look them in the face and dare them to stop us. Why we would ever listen to those who are ready to raise the white flag is beyond me.. but i believe its the lack of leadership from the grassroots, and i understand that's the "benefit" of the grassroots (decentralization), but clearly it has its drawbacks when there's so few that can inspire the people to action. If i am to confess, it is that fact that worries me most about the future, without a face to the movement, a representative, if you will, how will anyone know who to trust going forward? There are already divisions over Rand, and I am not sure there are any real other options for us in 16 if things end up poorly this year(I am not out of hope yet, i am certain the campaign is understating their delegate numbers[200 bound +300 bound to romney..] its just difficult to know by how much). I am concerned though by the decertification of delegates because im not sure there's enough will left among our people to make a public fight over these things, there should be protests in the streets in EVERY state which removes our people from delegate slots, but i just don't think we have it in us anymore, at least thats the way it seems. I really must end this on a positive note, lol im depressing myself. I still have hope because the media is still on message and the GOP is busy downplaying everything, they are still afraid even though they "should" be quite secure at this point. It will be a fun couple of months as the squirming increases. take care