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Everyone Since CARTER was A Far Greater Failure!!

Jimmy Carter was not perfect, but all the U.S. Presidents that we've had since him were far more dishonest, far more immoral, and far more brazenly corrupt.

Jimmy Carter the only U.S. President to try to address our National Sovereignty threatening Dependence on Foreign Oil.

Not only that, but he actually installed Solar Panels in the White House -- which were later dismantled by the corrupt Oil-Monopoly-loving Reagan & Bush (who also pinned us into a wider series of corrupt relations and dependency with Saudi Arabia).

Carter was also the last U.S. President to actually reduce the CIA footprint, and take people (criminals) off the rolls.

Finally, the U.S. Debt was something like 80 billions under Jimmy Carter. Today it is somewhere around $18 Trillion. Think about that!!! And Carter was the last U. S. President that we had to serve without plunging our Nation into any major War.

This Country never had 4 consecutive years of peace -- either since Jimmy Carter or before him from the 1930s onward. I wish that we had more Presidents with his morality, respect for peace, and basic human rights.

Had Ted Kennedy not opposed Carter in 1980 and divided-up his own Party, Carter would have likely won re-election. The real mystery is why didn't Kennedy wait until 1984 to make a White House bid where there would be no imcumbant? Probably because Kennedy knew that he would not really be allowed to win (the Banksters and MIC would not allow that), and so he just wanted to influence the Health Care debate of that time.