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So you concede that solar

So you concede that solar panels can be bought in boxes that aren't labeled "Mobil"? Well, that made my day. Those Chinese and Japanese solar panel manufacturers are not owned by oil companies, despite your paranoid imaginings. "Big Oil" did not move the solar power industry to China. Chinese businessmen, in collaboration with a government pursuing mercantilism policies, decided they could make money building solar panels. They used a combination of cheap labor and smart engineering to under price everybody else. And that is why the Solyndras went under and the Chinese solar panel manufacturers currently dominate the industry.

There are increased domestic supplies of natural gas and oil, mainly due to fracking. That, along with a flat lined economy keeping demand low, has caused the oil price to go down. If gasoline prices go up you call it an oil company conspiracy, and if they go down you call it an oil company conspiracy. Since gasoline prices are always either going up or going down, that makes your oil company conspiracy theory a non-falsifiable hypothesis.

Your belief in the power of Big Oil is almost quaint. Nowadays most of the world's oil reserves are controlled by state oil companies, such as Aramco, Statoil, Petrobras, and Pemex. The Exxons and BPs of the world get what's left over.