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for sake of the argument

I think the comparison is there, Big Agra/Monsanto and our government are in bed together. They have quite a lot of influence in policy making.

WikiLeaks: More Evidence of Monsanto's Bullying and Influence-Buying

Monsanto employees in the halls of government

Leaked documents reveal US diplomats actually work for Monsanto

At the very least, I feel any food that was grown with ingredients subsidized by the federal government or imported from other nations, we should demand to know the background of that food.
Top 9 foods subsidized by the federal government Corn,Wheat,Soybeans,Rice,Beer,Milk,Beef,Peanut Butter,Sunflower Oil.
Have any of these ever been bio-engineered?

This is Americas food supply and it should be transparent, safe and not influenced by Monsanto lobbyists or ex employees now working in our government.