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But we are in a transition period regarding the internet even now. The web is not the primary place where most of America goes to get their news just yet. They have abandoned newspapers but have not yet completely abandoned the boob tube, but the tide is turning and it will take time.

Having said that, the major news media - the major networks, NYT, WaPo, LATi, are all struggling, by hook or crook to take the high ground on the Internet and reclaim their roles in controlling news. I for one - and I'm over 50 - totally resist their efforts and never hit any of the mainstream media's internet versions if I can possibly help it.

The Internet is the greatest thing to happen to information in the history of man - allowing essentially open access to everyone. It's as if the entire planet were allowed to shout to make their voices heard - but digitally, vs. audibly. And in the end, after sifting through all the noise, the truth will out, if the powers that be don't control things the way they are in China and other parts of the world.

When that happens - and we've broken thru the turing point on the curve (for technology, that's usually about 10% penetration), in my opinion, the tide will really turn in a significant way. Just like it did with the telephone, the TV, the washer-dryer, and the iPad.

Our day will come - too bad Dr. Paul will not be around to reap the glory.