Comment: Property is property,

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Property is property,

Property is property, huh?

What if an airplane is flying over your house at 50,000 feet. Is that a violation of your property? What if it at 50 feet?

If a coal plant in Pennsylvania is damaging the air, even minutely affecting the air quality around your house in Salt Lake City, is the coal plant violating your property?

If a girl scout comes to your door selling cookies, are you allowed to shoot her because she is violating your property?

If you are so uneducated and destitute that a company can prey on you by selling your unhealthy food, is it fraud? Is it fraud if the company doesn't mention the unhealthiness; is it not fraud if they do?

Again, these are difficult and tough questions. The line must be drawn somewhere, and that is what society does through law.

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