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Comment: This is the wrong argument. The "REAL" problem is the ....

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This is the wrong argument. The "REAL" problem is the ....

"Certificate of Live Birth" aka "Certificate of Death" that created a new Estate for the abandoned child.

When you Mother signed the Record of Live Birth, she made an announcement of abandonment of the child. She signed as the "Informant" otherwise known as the Trustee.

The Mother is an Estate; the Father is an Estate, when they get married it creates a Trust. The Mother's Estate falls under the Fathers (the Executor). The child is the property of the Father (Executor) because women cannot own offspring.

So the STATE coerces the Mother into signing as the Informant; she's acting as a Trustee and signing away the property of the Executor (the Father), and the Father never knew what just happened.

NOTE: Of course the doctor and nurse do not explain this to the Mother, they just put a certificate in front of her and say "Hey, you need to sign right here so we can get your baby a birth certificate", and the unknowing Mother just signs away.

Then the STATE runs an add in the local paper (to cover their ass), stating a child had been born and abandoned (they left out the abandoned part). That add was a call out to the Executor (Father) to come and claim his property (the child), but the Father just sat on the couch watching College Football and the Mother was busy framing the very certificate she signed away her child to the STATE with.

NOTE: The STATE made an attempt, due process, public notice to reach out to the Executor (Father) by running an add in the paper, but he never showed up. He looked at the add and smiled; cut it out and helped Mommy tape it in the scrap book, but he NEVER ACTED and claimed his property - his Child.

Party Hats and Cigars for Everyone ! Yaaaaaaaaay !!

So the STATE says "Okay, no one has claimed this child, so we'll take the child as our own". They send the Record of Live Birth to the State Health Dept. and Vital Statistics, where it receives a STATE seal and a Registrars signature, which is certifiable proof the Estate is now in Probate.

The Registrar is the court of Probate, and Probate deals with Estates of the DEAD.

So little Johnnie was abandoned by his Mother; she signed him away as the Informant/Trustee. The STATE runs an add to inform the Executor they have his abandoned property, but the Executor never shows up. The STATE declares the child DEAD and issues the parents a "Certificate of Live Birth" aka "Death Certificate", but allows the parents to continue to raise the child as legal guardians.

Now you understand why Child Protective Services can kick down your door at 3AM if they feel you are not properly caring for your (I mean their) child ... Remember, you the Mother signed the child over to the STATE when you signed as the "Informant"; you were actually signing as the Trustee of the Fathers Estate.

The Mother and Father quickly start using their new "Death Certificate" as a means of identity for Little Johnnie and teaches him that he must guard this certificate with his life; it's his identity, and he does just that!

Then he uses that certificate to get a Drivers License and SS Card, ultimately admitting he's a UNITES STATES employee, and now he is liable for the dreaded income tax.

The End

PS .... Every time I try to bring this topic up, it end up in the "Off Topic" section; buried from the rest of the world; hidden from the masses; swept under the rug.

The problem is the "Certificate of Live Birth" people!

When the Mother abandoned the Child acting as a Trustee, the Child became STATE property; a share in the stock of the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

The STATE kept the original "Record of Live Birth" and are securitizing on it. It's collateral for the debt of the country; it's making money off the future labor of the child. Then they send you back a "Death Certificate" or corporate-fictitious entity name, or presumption in law .... a DEAD person, and we start using it as a form of identity.

It's a constructive fraud to enslave us and unjustly enrich the STATE.

It's the CESTUI QUE VIE Act of 1666

Look up Tami Pepperman on YouTube, she's teaching procedures on reversing this:!