Comment: I remember in 2008 thinking

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I remember in 2008 thinking

I remember in 2008 thinking that Romney was not a serious candidate and I cannot think of anything he has said worth listening to. He is not inspiring in any way. He has no original ideas. He has personal ambitions like Obama that are not necessarily inspired. An empty shell. I truly wish it was not so because both Obama and Romney are simply very weak characters. History will look back upon these characters and frown. How do we end up voting for these characters? There was so much enthusiasm for Obama, especially considering McCain/Palin as the alternative. I do not know too many politicians less appealing than McCain/Palin, and now Romney. Obama just seems unqualified and weak. Double-minded and defensive. Pretending to know what he is doing. He has no clue. No clue. He needs to just admit it.

If Ron Paul does not become president I believe our country will have a disaster and the elites will try to take control. The government will use more force than ever in the name of "keeping peace." People will speak freely at their own peril. Many will leave the states entirely and wait and watch from another place. The worst case is America becomes identical to a European socialism but with more censorship and government control because many Americans will resist unlike in Europe.

Hope for the best. It seems like we have to win this war.