Comment: The slobberfest continues...nothing new, nothing learned

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The slobberfest continues...nothing new, nothing learned

When is somebody going to ask this guy some difficult questions? I like Doug Wead as a person but refuse to swallow this crap without question.

First, Doug talks about Rand Paul like he is some sort of Messiah for playing politics as usual and endorsing Romney. I can't believe this guy is still on the payroll! Many of us gave our last few pennies to this campaign during a recession. And for what? So our Senior Campaign Advisor could shower a Mitt Romney supporter with praise? While still on the payroll? Embarrassing!!!

Second, what happened to an irrate tireless minority? Now Doug Wead tells us to be patient and stick with the campaign through the convention. Always trust Dr. Paul when he speaks and when he is silent too. How convenient! Are you kidding me? Who believes this nonsense? Wake Up People! Blind obedience is for the weak minded!!!