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Comment: A customer called me 2 weeks ago and told me he was told

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A customer called me 2 weeks ago and told me he was told

by his caseworker he (the customer) needs to spend $69/month more on his health/dental Medicare Advantage plan. Customer is 77 years old. He is spending $77/mo now; he could get a super plan for zero dollars per month and since Medi-Cal picks up the drugs, and the copays, he goes to the doc for zero out of pocket.

For him to continue to get the 100% Medi-Cal reimbursement I signed him up for an almost identical plan that costs him $108. He already had a $39.95/month dental plan bringing him to $147.95. He needed to spend at least $181/month. So we added a second DENTAL plan bringing him to a total expenditure o $166.95. He needed to spend another $181-$166.95=$14.05 a month. If we had more time, I could have signed him up for a small long-term care plan. Nope. Gotta get it done before July 1. Signed him up for a THIRD DENTAL PLAN.

Stupid, right? You are paying for this. The correct plan for him costs ZERO per month and it's a fine plan. Where's the other $181 going?