Comment: The ironic thing

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The ironic thing

being that "pragmatists", by which I mean those who do not adhere to principle, accomplish less in terms of advancing liberty than the "purists". Someone who sells out anyone's liberty for political expediency looses the support of the purists, and does not appear sufficiently different from the tyrants to gain a voting plurality. Look at Rand Paul, who denounced his libertarian detractors as "anarchists." It is we "anarchists" (by which I mean both true libertarian minarchists as well as actual anarchists) who created the movement that elected him. He is finished. Although I donated money to his election, it will never happen again. I will actively work to support the only person in the liberty movement who has a chance of being elected president in 2016, and oppose the neocon Rand Paul. Go Judge Nap 2016!