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I believe

That because I joined the Republican Party, petitioned. qualified and because no one ran against me, won a seat on a Republican Central Committee, that is in dire need of seated/representative Republicans, who at my County Clerk's office I signed forms to uphold the Constitution, a 470, and took an Oath to the Republican Party to become a delgate, that I have earned the right to VET candidates and issues because that is my elected job, like ALL Central Committee members, so that gives us the right to nominate OUR candidates.

If you think that because there are open seats, that you have a right to "crash our Party", and think that election laws apply to you, YOU are sorely mistaken. You have the right to vote in primary and general elections, PERIOD. YOU do not have the right, nor have you signed forms and taken oaths to NOMINATE for me, and MY Party, OUR candidates.

NO one has the right to break another persons hands, or cheat. These ILLEGAL acts are injury laws, not election laws, so those who have been personally hurt need to find personal injury lawyers and sue the life out of those who hurt them.

The GOP is NOT a private club. It is a registered political party that has by-laws, oaths, and rules we agree to follow.

Why should you, or anyone, be able to skip the work and show up expecting to be a delegate when you have no clue what a central committee is, has never been to one, and confuse personal injury laws with election laws?