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I hear what you are saying, and many of us are getting

Involved. It is not you alone on the mountain Moses. Regardless the things I quoted prove that you are incorrect. The law specifically addresses nominating conventions. Regardless of how you feel personally, Federal election law does apply at state conventions whose purpose is nominating a candidate for President. If I choose to do what is necessary to participate in the Republican primary process (sometimes register, sometimes just show up) then I have done all that is necessary to afford me the legal protections of the voting rights act. How in your mind do you not consider forcing a qualified voter to sign an affidavit under threat of perjury to not be coercion or intimidation? Also, that point you made about injury law is incomplete. If I am injured during the course of trying to vote, by someone who is attempting to intimidate, or coerce me into changing my vote that person has broken Federal election law and can be charged with that AND any necessary assualt related charges.